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MT-4 RX-461 Set
Sanwa - 101A31772A

MT-4 RX-461 Set

MT-4 RX-461 Set

Model:101A31772A Manufacturer:Sanwa EAN:4944683029964

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MT-4 RX-461 Set

MT-4 2,4GHz 4-Channel Transmitter/Receiver Set

Discover race feeling like the pros! The Sanwa MT-4 is equipped with super fast telemetry and the new 2.4GHz S-Link FH4T system (FH4T = F.H.S.S.-4 telemetry).-

Once again, Sanwa is unbeatable compared to its competitors. Super fast response, highest transmission security and rapid telemetry data flow make the Sanwa MT-4 the reference product on the market.

The following telemetry data* are displayed and can be accessed after the run (also as graph):
- RPM - Sensor included
- Temperature - 2 sensors connectable, 1 sensor already included
- Receiver battery voltage (battery charge condition)
* The telemetry does only work with the RX-461 and RX-462 receiver

The perfect transmitter battery for the Sanwa MT-4
The LRP LiPo TX-Pack 3000 - 7.4V (#LRP-430355) has been especially developed for the Sanwa MT-4 high-end transmitter. With its weight of only 86g, the LiPo battery pack is extremely lightweight. The high capacity of this 2S battery guarantees a significantly extended operating time of the transmitter.

The Sanwa MT-4 can be operated with all Sanwa 2.4GHz FHSS-3 and FHSS-4 car receivers.

- Super fast F.H.S.S.-4 technology
- Antenna integrated into the handle
- High-quality case and workmanship
- Menu selection - comfortable operation with scroll wheel
- Telemetry sensors included
- Telemetry (displays motor temperature, RPM and receiver voltage during operation)
- Data logger: up to 120 measuring points during the run (grading selectable)
- Direct model select
- Dual Rate, Expo, Trim / Sub Trim, Servo Reverse and Endpoint Adjustment
- Adjustable servo operation speed
- Timer
- Anti-Lock Braking System
- AUX1 / AUX2
- Programmable model names and 18 model memory
- Compatible to older receivers due to changeable modulation (FH3/FH4T)
- Adjustable spring tension for steering and throttle
- Changeable throttle mode (5:5 or 3:7)
- Adjustable spring tension for steering and throttle
- Additional grip pad for bigger hands included
- Recommended telemetry Receiver: RX-461 (1x included)
- Direct Model Select

Technical data
Response time 4.2ms

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